Catalonia Today

Call for EU mediation

Puigdemont publishes ‘La crisi catalana’ to explain the independence issue to Europeans and declares he would even consider a Spain-wide referendum

Poland threatens judicial independence

Sanction after sanction, the far-right Polish government refuses to back down and the European executive will not relent in its efforts to dissuade Poland from its anti-democratic drift. Already suffering...


New accusation against candidate

The confirmation of the conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh as a member of the Supreme Court of the United States is in greater danger than before. On Monday morning, The New Yorker magazine published details...


Five new centres to shelter immigrant minors

The director of Attention to Children and Adolescents (DGAIA), Georgina Oliva, announced yesterday that the Generalitat plans to open soon five new emergency centres throughout Catalonia to form part of...


Felipe VI gives the royal household a pay rise

Felipe VI has applied the same salary increase set for civil servants, in this case 1.5%, to the salaries of the royal family and the staff of La Zarzuela. The monarch will now receive €242,769 before...

Power up 85% in 15 years

Sánchez’s reduction of part of the taxes supposes a saving of only a few euros; consumers, industry and social agencies demand full sector reform

Márquez, as only Márquez can be

Marc Márquez has had a dream weekend in the Aragon Moto GP in Alcanyís, culminating in one of those triumphs only he can pull off. On Thursday the Motorland circuit honoured him by baptizing the 12th...


Steve Bannon announces his plans for Europe

Former right-wing Trump advisor Steve Bannon was in Rome over the weekend attempting to convince European ultra-nationalist parties to join together to win in the next elections to the Strasbourg Parliament...


Catalonia to receive 3,000 minors this year

Catalonia’s Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Families, Chakir El Homrani, yesterday called for “transparency” from Madrid on the arrival of unaccompanied minors. Homrani remarked that “ words...