Catalonia Today


Long-distance visitors make up 50% of total tourist revenue

Last year, some five million so-called “quality” long-distance tourists, mostly from Asian countries, made up a quarter of all foreign visitors to Catalonia (19.1 million in all). However, while they...

Judge demands all info related to CUP HQ seige

Judge of Instruction Number 9 of Barcelona has called on the public prosecutor of Barcelona to produce all information and files related to the actions carried out on September 20, 2017, with regard to...

GC: “They teased us”

Guardia Civil agents testifying in Supreme Court were “insulted” and demonstrators made “hateful faces” at them, but no aggression


Banning Spring

All these pedantic defenders of legality don’t know what to get het up about anymore, after Quim Torra (and many ajuntaments who were also required to do so) did what the Electoral Commission required...


New president for Miró Foundation

Sara Puig is the new president of the Miró Foundation, replacing Jaume Freixa, after ten years. Puig was elected by the board of trustees (of which she has been a member since 2013) to take the role on...


Brazilian police detain ex-President

Brazilian federal police arrested former President Michel Temer yesterday in the Lava Jato case, the largest anti-corruption case in the country’s history. His arrest was ordered by a judge who also...


Trump to recognise Golan Heights as Israel

US President Donald Trump announced his intention to formally recognise the Golan Heights as a sovereign territory of Israel. The area, in Syria, was occupied in the 1967 Six Day War, and annexed in 1981,...

No incriminating mail found

Yesterday civil guard officers revealed the pro-independence correspondence they intercepted at the supreme court, but none of it incites violence

Documentary about the life of Peret in cinemas tomorrow

“Peret is a gypsy, but it was paios [non-gypsies] that made him famous; he was born poor in a shanty neighbourhood of Mataró but ends up being quite well-off; he seeks the truth in religion, but comes...