Catalonia Today

Questioning the defence

“We must never forget that this trial is about rights and democracy” says lawyer for Romeva and Junqueras, interviewed this weekend


Read between Collboni’s lines

It is said that one should read between a politician’s lines. It is usually in a few sentences, sometimes one, where their true intentions for the future are hidden: a few key phrases in the midst of...

Catalans take over Madrid

Over 500 buses, kilometers of boulevards filled with people, and thousands of peaceful demonstrators making 18 hour return-trips for Catalonia


PSC predicts election wins at all levels

The Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC) yesterday, at their municipal convention in Barcelona, held at the Hopsital of Sant Pau, claimed they would see wins in the upcoming elections in Barcelona, Catalonia,...


US attempting to block war crimes investigations

The US will revoke or deny visas to members of the International Criminal Court investigating actions of US troops in Afghanistan or in other countries. According to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Washington...


Trump sees no risk in rise of white supremacy

US President Donald Trump sought to downplay white supremacy yesterday, upon being questioned after the terrorist attack in New Zealand. When asked if he saw white supremacy as a growing risk, he said...


Rebellion on Paseo del Prado

Marchena and Co could have taken advantage of yesterday’s demonstration to observe in the first person, without prosecutor intermediaries, or false testimonies from Civil Guards this particularly Catalan...


Adventure sports season starts in Pallars Sobirà

Pallars Sobirà yesterday opened the new adventure sports season with the first rafting excursions. The route went from Llavorsí to Rialp. The launch coincided with the new agreement with the Endesa utilities...


Government to move Franco’s remains on June 10

The Spanish government will move the remains of former dictator, Francisco Franco, from his mausoleum in the Valley of the Fallen to a state-owned tomb in the municipal cemetery of Mingorrubio, known as...