Catalonia Today

Only 30% of applicants receive income support

The minister of labour, social affairs and families, Chakir el Homrani, acknowledged yesterday that the guaranteed income for citizens (RGC in Catalan) is granted to only 30% of those who request it.He...

Asbestosis smoke screen

Rafael Rubio has worked in underground train maintenance for years for TMB

TMB denies responsibility for any serious asbestos related illnesses

Exiled president challenges State

Puigdemont announces that if elected on 26-M, he will enjoy immunity and could return to Catalonia


Growth in volume of recycled glass bottles

The number of recycled glass bottles is on the increase in Catalonia. Last year, the number rose by 7.5% compared to data for 2017, the biggest year-on-year rise in the last decade. Some 162,295 tonnes...

Valverde: “We all realise Europe is special”

Coaches always tend to say the competition that best determines the capabilities of a team is the league and that is the title they value most. Fans, on the other hand, tend to prefer the Champions League...


Baby’s body found in waste container

An employee of the Montcada i Reixac waste collection service discovered the lifeless body of a baby in a container yesterday morning. The finding occurred when the worker was loading the organic waste...


European airspace closed to new Boeing 737 as “precaution”

The problems are increasing for Boeing due to the serious security doubts generated by the second accident in only five months involving its latest model, the 737 MAX 8. While the investigation into the...

Attacks spark discontent

Last weekend’s double attack on a hostal where 35 unaccompanied foreign minors were staying causes much political and social unrest

Trump banks on having millions to spend on wall

Donald Trump is planning to reduce foreign aid and state department financing and increase spending on defence and the construction of the wall on the Mexican border, according to his budget proposal for...