Catalonia Today


Leisure, culture and housing push inflation to 2.4%

The consumer price index rose by 0.3% in Catalonia in June. Leisure, culture, hospitality and housing were the sectors that pushed prices to a yearly figure of 2.4% inflation, one 10th more than the one...

Bergman’s summer

One of the greatest European filmmakers and theatrical directors ever was born 100 years ago today in Uppsala


Thai children reunited with their families

The majority of the 12 Thai children and their soccer coach, rescued between Sunday and Tuesday after being more than two weeks in a cave in northern Thailand, were reunited with their parents yesterday....


Only 34 children united with parents in the US

Only 34 of the five-year old children that a US Federal judge ordered to be reunited with their parents after having been separated on direct orders of Donald Trump to the Immigration Department are in...


Oriol Pujol admits he took bribes in car warrant case

The former CDC leader Oriol Pujol yesterday accepted a sentence of two and a half years in prison for charging illegal commissions vehicle warranty companies, in a deal that finally included the other...


No case found against Mònica Terribas

A judge has found no case to answer against journalist Mònica Terribas yesterday for broadcasting on the air the movements of Guardia Civil and the National Police deployed in Catalonia in operations...


English gets a timely nod at secondary level

With the results in from the different educational evaluation mechanisms in Catalan schools, the Education Department has decided to give English more prominence at secondary level. The Department is concerned...

All prisoners are now back in Catalonia

A dose of relief for the families of the political prisoners. Jordi Turull, Josep Rull and Quim Forn arrived yesterday in the Lledoners prison, in Bages, transferred from Madrid. The Guardia Civil handed...

End to symbols of regime

The Catalan Department of Justice is preparing a law which will see Francoist symbols removed from all public buildings and spaces and annul decorations