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Referendum trial: day 2

Public prosecutors use political arguments to support “rebellion” accusations and stated “there can be no dialogue outside the framework of the constitution”

Owner of land where Julen died accused of manslaughter

The prosecutor’s office of Malaga has asked the court to call the owner of the land where 2-year-old Julen fell in a well and died on January 13 in for questioning in relation to the crime of manslaughter...

supreme court trial

Demonstrations and blockades over independence leaders’ trial

Thousands of people took to the streets yesterday in protest at the beginning of the trial of the pro-independence leaders. Some were answering the call for organised demonstrations, while there were also...


Bishops ask for forgiveness for cases of abuse

The bishops of Catalonia yesterday asked for forgiveness for cases of sexual abuse committed by their clergy, for which they expressed “shame and sorrow”, and pledged to clarify all the facts of the...

The world of football mourns Gordon Banks

Legendary England goalkeeper Gordon Banks died of kidney cancer yesterday aged 81. Considered the second best goalkeeper of the 20th century behind Russian Lev Yashin, he was part of the English team that...


Arrest of 1,112 police officers ordered in Turkey

The Turkish security forces have begun an operation to arrest 1,112 police officers who the prosecutor’s office has linked to the failed coup attempt in July 2016. The operation to detain the suspects,...

Pro-independence leaders on trial

Defence teams claim violation of fundamental rights and demand evidence on first day of Supreme court trial

Sánchez uses scare tactics

Sánchez threatens to bring elections forward to 14 April to scare PdeCat and ERC into signing 2019 budgets

31.3% of 2018 complaints relate to social policy

The Catalan ombudsman, Rafael Ribó, has just presented the report on 2018 ombudsman activity at the Catalan parliament. The report notes increases, in relation to 2017, in the number of complaints about...