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Catalan and Basque films well placed for the Goya Awards

The Spanish Film Academy’s sensitivity and lack of prejudice towards Spain’s linguistic diversity was made evident seven years ago when it gave its most important Goya award to the Catalan film Pà...

A symbolic Presidency

In an interview given under strict conditions, the ERC leader Oriol Junqueras proposes a symbolic presidency operating alongside an effective government

The big guy always bites harder

The leitmotiv of this year’s BCNegra is “The little dog bites”. James Ellroy says that if the dog, like him, is bigger, it bites even harder. At just over 1.9 metres, Ellroy even growls when he speaks....


US warns against Polish Holocaust denial law

The Polish Senate yesterday approved a law which forbids any reference to Poland and the Nazi concentration camps. The new law has raised concern in the US, the Ukraine and Israel, as it could form part...


May says arrivals after 2019 could lose rights

The British Prime Minister Theresa May caused another stir yesterday when speaking from China she said that EU citizens arriving in Britain after March 2019 when Brexit takes effect, would not have the...


Rapper Hassel says freedom of speech in danger

Speaking in court answering to charges of incitement to terrorism, the Lleída rap singer Pablo Hasél, said that at present in Spain, freedom of speech is not respected. The singer denies the charges...


The CZFB to invest €40 million in Industry 4.0

The Consortium of the Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) plans to invest between €25 and €30 million in the development Economy 4.0 centre in Barcelona, as part of a new phase aimed at helping SMEs in...

local government

Mayors want old rails removed from town centres

The mayors of the towns of Salou, Cambrils, Mont-roig del Camp, Vandellòs and l’Hospitalet de l’Infant want assurances that the existing rails will be removed from inside municipal boundaries once...

Puigdemont: “sacrificed”

Puigdemont’s admission that his position is weakened by the deferal of his nomination in a private mobile message to ERC’s Antoni Comín made public