Catalonia Today

A feminist revolution in art

An exhibition at Barcelona’s CCCB links the pioneers of the 1970s activist movement and its inheritors today

Five months of JAZZ

Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis, Ron Carter and Andrea Motis are just some of the top names due on stage at Barcelona’s 51st International Jazz Festival

A classic autumn

Temporada Alta festival director Salvador Sunyer reverts to a blend of classic, universal and Catalan references to tackle the disorientation gripping today’s society

All about theatre hopping

Many companies, directors and artists alternate between different venues in the upcoming season aiming to make the most of audiences and maximise ticket sales

Recycled movies

Hollywood turns its focus back on sequels, remakes and superheroes in the coming months. Among the most widely awaited titles are episode IX of ’Star Wars’ and ’Joker’

Bill Viola gets autumn going

The master of video art is one of the biggest names for the new exhibition season, which also features video games, sound art, and some of the best photography around

1-O, prelude to a hot autumn

A commemoration of the second anniversary of the October 1 referendum will be the starting point for an autumn of demonstrations throughout the country that will reach fever pitch with the reaction to...


The power of SYMBOLS

I had family staying this week, but before they came out to us in the sticks, they spent a few days in Barcelona. It was their first time in the Catalan capital, and they loved it. For a few days they...

Picasso, alive in Barcelona

There are still many corners of the Catalan capital that bear witness to the passage of the artistic genius during his time spent in the city