Catalonia Today


Judge orders search of dental clinics

The Mossos d’Esquadra and Spanish police yesterday carried out searches in iDental centres in Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona as part of an investigation into the alleged crimes of “fraudulent administration,...


Portugal breaks heat wave record, Spain similar

Eight places in the centre, south and east of Portugal have broken their local temperature records during the ongoing heatwave. The highest temperature recorded on Thursday was 45.2ºC near Abrantes, a...

A Union distanced from its citizens

Euro-skeptic parties criticise the lack of democracy and transparency in the EU’s decision-making process

No to self-determination

Maragall unhappy with lack of progress on self-determination and political prisoners; proposals made to deal with outstanding statutory issues

US court puts hold on 3D printed pistols

US Federal Judge Robert Lasnik yesterday blocked the publication of the manuals for printing 3D weapons, which would have allowed home-based weaponry to be built under a judicial agreement reached by the...


Sant Cugat to run trial of first driverless bus

From early September, Sant Cugat will be the first town in Catalonia to test a collective transport vehicle that travels without a driver. The vehicle, known as Erica, is part of a project promoted by...


Junker responds to Sánchez’s plea for more funds

President of the European Commission (CE) Jean-Claude Juncker, yesterday acknowledged in a letter to Pedro Sánchez the urgency of curbing the arrival of immigrants from Morocco in Spain, and while admitting...


Crew and passengers escape air crash

Mexican authorities confirmed yesterday that all passengers and crew of the plane which crashed on Tuesday in Durango, in the north of the country, have survived the accident, although most were injured...


First setback for new Italian government

Italy’s public television watchdog commission, yesterday rejected the appointment of Marcello Foa as the new CEO of the RAI. Foa was proposed by the 5 Star Movement (M5E) and the Lega government but...