Catalonia Today

Cs provide oxygen for Sánchez

Rivera turns back on PP and removes block on Congress; Casado claims “centre-left” has returned


BBVA earns €4.3 billion by September

BBVA, one of the banks with the largest market shares in Catalonia after incorporating many local savings banks, including the second largest group by volume, Catalonia Caixa, earned €4.3 billion in...

Santiago Solari takes reins at Real Madrid

Santiago Solari was presented as the immediate though not necessarily permanent successor to Julen Lopetegui as head coach of Real Madrid yesterday as they prepare for today’s visit to Melilla in the...


Nine dead in Italy due to strong winds and rain

The storms bringing torrential rains and strong winds to Italy have left nine people dead in different parts of the country, mostly due to falling trees. Several regions remained on alert yesterday, with...

Police raid drug flats

Macro-operation in Barcelona’s Raval district ends with at least 55 arrested; 40 flats suspected of sales, consumption and distribution of drugs searched

ERC names Junqueras as candidate for Europe

Oriol Junqueras was named yesterday as the candidate for ERC in the coming European elections. At the same time, Deputy Secretary of Communications, Sergi Sabrià, also confirmed the party’s previous...


Plane crash in Java Sea kills 189 people

An Indonesian passenger plane crashed near Jakarta on Monday on a short flight from Tangerang to Pankal Pinang. Lion Air flight JT 610 went down just 13 minutes into its flight, crashing into the sea with...


Villarejo tipped off PP about investigations

Former police commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, currently in prison for tax fraud and organised crime, informed the husband of the former Secretary General of the PP, María Dolores de Cospedal, about...


Half of over 65s have some form of skin cancer

Skin cancer is more frequent than all other cancers together and half of the population over 65 will suffer the disease at some time in their lives according to the director of the Melanoma Unit of the...