Catalonia Today

No incriminating mail found

Yesterday civil guard officers revealed the pro-independence correspondence they intercepted at the supreme court, but none of it incites violence

Documentary about the life of Peret in cinemas tomorrow

“Peret is a gypsy, but it was paios [non-gypsies] that made him famous; he was born poor in a shanty neighbourhood of Mataró but ends up being quite well-off; he seeks the truth in religion, but comes...


Cabify wants to start multimodal platform

Cabify wants to become a multimodal transport platform that includes taxi drivers in Barcelona. This is already the case in other cities in which they operate said Cabify founder and CEO Juan de Antonio...


Capital re-named in honour of former president

Kazakhstan yesterday renamed its capital Astana. The capital’s new name, Nursultan, has been chosen to honour Kazakhstan’s former president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who resigned on Tuesday after three...


Driver of bus carrying 51 sets fire to it in Milan

The driver of a bus, a 47-year-old man, was arrested yesterday for arson and kidnapping. According to the local press the man shouted: “Nobody gets off here alive” at the 51 students on the bus, he...


Another suspect arrested for Utrecht shooting

On Tuesday night a special intervention force unit arrested a new suspect in relation to Monday’s Utrecht shooting . According to a statement made by the Dutch prosecutor’s office, the new suspect...


Attack on convoy transporting uranium

A group of armed men shot at people guarding a convoy transporting uranium to Brazi’s -nuclear power plants in Angra dos Reis on Tuesday night. The agents guarding the convoy responded by opening fire....

Ombudsman to decide on ribbons

Torra leaves yellow ribbons up until he receives report; Moncloa warns Mossos can be ordered to remove them


No way out for May as she postpones further Brexit vote

The British Prime Minister yesterday postponed today’s vote on the ’Brexit’ agreement and acknowledged that the country is in the middle of a “constitutional crisis.” After a meeting of ministers,...