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DOUBLE standards

This author recently crossed the peninsula westwards to reach Santiago de Compostela, the charming Rome-like village on the verge of the Atlantic Ocean. After the Catalan speaking regions (Valencia, Balearic...


Who we ARE

It may be something of a paradox, but the key to understanding what future lies in store for humanity could be to look backwards. We study ourselves as humans in many ways, through science, literature,...

Long-term resident


On the 16th of last month, a 32 year old man who had barricaded himself inside Lleida University was detained by Catalan police acting under the orders of the Spanish National Court, which had sentenced...


Humans are in a hurry to leave the solar system and colonise new habitable planets through the interstellar ring that has brought them in contact with an alien intelligence thought to have disappeared....

Rediscovering that cinema feeling

Steven Spielberg, Daniel Craig, Frances McDormand and Tom Cruise are some of the attractions to bring the public back to cinemas severely affected by Covid-19

Machiavellian lessons

The Prince, Machiavelli’s most famous book, is still today an endless source of political insights. Chapter VI, for instance, provides a succinct outline of one of Catalan independence’s main obstacles:...


The long view

Apart from baldness and a bad back, one thing that comes with age is a sense of perspective. Looking back shows us that the life-changing decision that kept us from sleeping wasn’t such a big deal after...

Long-term resident

Went to see the Gipsy

I’m as useless at predicting election results as I am at riding a bicycle, so this article, with its mid-January deadline, will avoid speculation about the Catalan elections to be held on February 14th,...

David Cassà

“Every month we bill a little less”

NO WORK FOR EVERYONE “I’ve driven around Barcelona for over four hours without anyone stopping me”